Sunday, September 5, 2010


san francisco, ca to searsmont, me.
when i was in yakima (see BOONDOCKS), my mom took the train across the country to visit her sister in maine. she liked it so much she started thinking about moving us there. a couple of years later, we flew to boston, where we walked the freedom trail, and then greyhounded our way up to searsmont to visit my aunt and her husband. the bulk of the travel took place on my eleventh birthday. another big holiday ruined by parent planned travel. i wasn’t overly excited - i was aware of mom’s agenda and i didn’t want to move, i liked the freedom i had in s.f. but i was momentarily distracted by the snow. i'd never seen it and there were piles and piles of it everywhere. it was late march, so there was a lot of mud involved as well, but snow is snow. before i got so cold i couldn’t think straight, i found it to be marvelous stuff. snowballs, sledding, snowmen, great fun. but cold is not my friend, and when asked that old question ‘would you rather be too hot or too cold?’ my answer is always, emphatically, HOT! after a week, i couldn't wait to get home to california where i would finally be able to thaw out.